OUr milk

Our own milk is simply filtered, cooled and ready to drink! It’s ready to drink. No heavy processing and no food miles. The milk from our vending machine is never more than 48 hours old. We hope you enjoy the difference!

why is our milk different?

For a product to be called organic, it has to be produced according to a number of rules that define a minimum standard (defined in EU law, not just what we think). The rules provide for high welfare standards, and the practice of keeping cows housed all year round is banned.

Organic cows must eat a natural, grass-based 100% organic diet, and not pushed beyond their natural limits.

As a result, we believe the milk we produce is the most pure and natural you can find, all the way from grass to glass.

Our farms are positive, encouraging places that work with, not against, nature. Crops and local wildlife are nurtured and used as natural assets to feed the land and prevent illness on the farm.

Our cows are free-range. They spend most of their time roaming, eating and dozing outdoors, and only come in when the weather’s bad..


Best for You

There is growing evidence that the routine use of antibiotics is linked to emergence of superbugs in animals, with potential long term unknown consequences for humans. For this reason, we never routinely use antibiotics on our farms.


Best for cows

For most of the year, the cows graze on fresh organic pastures. During the winter they are fed on conserved grass – usually in the form of silage or hay – and other organic cereals to ensure they maintain a balanced and healthy organic diet.


best for planet

We farm using non-chemical methods.  Because we don’t spray our pastures with artificial chemical herbicides, our land supports a wealth of wildlife and creates natural ecosystems of birds, butterflies and other wild animals.