Our cows

We know some breeds of cow are better suited to life on an organic dairy farm than others, so these are the ones we choose to breed from. We use breeds that not only produce good quantities of milk, but, more importantly, have a greater natural immunity to, and resilience against, disease.

happy cows make better milk

Our cows have a daily routine designed to give them a higher-quality life.
We stand by this principle – getting the best milk starts with happy, healthy cows. One of the ways we keep our cows content is by giving them a routine that they enjoy.
Our cows spend as much time as possible outside, grazing on rich pastures. In bad weather they can come indoors. It’s important that, wherever they are, they are comfortable with their surroundings. They spend a lot of their day lying down, chewing the cud and resting – this is always a good sign that the cows are content.


Best for You

The organic milk we produce is full of goodness as a result of the care we take along the way. There’s a subtle change to the flavour of organic milk over the year, which follows the cycle when cows eat fresh grass outdoors in the summer and conserved grass in the winter.


Best for cows

Letting cows live a more natural life minimises stress to the animal and creates a more pleasant environment for them and everyone who works on the farm. It means, when you buy organic milk, you know it is coming from farms where animal welfare always comes first.


best for planet

Our cows graze land that is not sprayed with artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides. Instead, we use bugs as natural pest controllers and use natural techniques, such as crop rotation, to fertilise, grow and keep the land nutrient rich.