OUr story

We’re all about creating delicious organic milk from our own herd of grass-fed cows. We want you to come back and enjoy Holy Cow Milk time and time again because ours is the best you can find.

The Best Milk

For us, it’s a no-brainer to farm organically; organic is the only system that bans the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, and the routine use of antibiotics. Research shows that organic dairy is higher in Omega-3s and other key nutrients and we also believe that eliminating reliance on synthetic fertilisers is the only way to provide sustainable food for future generations.


Best for You

You can be confident that what you eat is free from pesticides and other unnatural materials.


Best for cows

Our girls are raised outdoors—eating grass as nature intended—for as much of the year as possible.


best for planet

Organic is the only system that bans the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers.

Our Team

Led by Coral and Matt Senior, the team at Eastfield Organic Farm work hard to produce our high quality milk.  Their dedication to milk quality and animal welfare ensures our Holy Cow Organic Milk meets our high standards.

Our Gallery

Our Farm is designed around our cows.  We provide the highest quality living conditions for our animals who are happy and content.  In this way, they produce the finest milk.